Situations is an application that makes your device work for you. It helps you get rid of routine tasks by doing them automatically!

How it works

The application works by following the instructions you give it. Instructions are given in the form of situations which are collections of conditions and actions. They define what happens and when.

Conditions can be anything from time periods to what ever the device can observe about its surroundings.

Actions are typically different device settings or simple tasks like sending SMS or opening an application.

Situations are easy to set up and understand by anyone, yet powerful enough for even more advanced uses. See the help page for more details on the usage of the application.

Also, more features are being developed all the time based on feedback and our own experiences.


Here are some typical uses for the application:

  • Make your device go silent and reply missed calls when you're not reachable
  • Have kids phone send you SMS when leaving school and arriving at home
  • Automatically launch Music Player when connecting headphones
  • Extend battery life by turning off radios when you don't need them

And much more can be done with the application...

See the application in action on Symbian

Where to get

Situations is currently available for Android, Sailfish, Symbian and Meego platforms in the respective app stores / download locations.

Get it on Google Play

Privacy & Security

All application data and processing remains solely in your device and control. Pastilli Labs does not collect any user or usage data at all. Instead we rely on voluntary customer feedback and feature requests when developing the application further. As the application works locally and by explicit instructions, there are no privacy issues, hidden data traffic costs or unreliable prediction algorithms to worry about.

Due to the nature of the application, it requires a lot of permissions on Android based systems when installing. However, many of the permissions are required only by the growing number of extensions that you can choose to install at your own will.